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Real Estate Management

The package includes the following commitments Agency Bulgaria shall make to all lessors who have decided to use the service:

  1. Consultation regarding lending the real estate property.
  2. Professional advertising and active offering of the real estate property guaranteeing finding the best lessee.
  3. Preparation and conclusion of a contract for rent by legal advisors, experts in the real estate field.
  4. Control on meeting all the terms and conditions of the contract.
  5. Securing the rent in case of cash payments and periodically reporting the rent amounts to the lessor.
  6. Takes responsibility for the deposit and its return at termination of the contract for rent after all due liabilities are covered by the lessee.
  7. Monthly control on payment of all bills and expenses related to the real estate property.
  8. Periodical control on the condition of the real estate property and its furnishings in accordance with a protocol issued at signing of the contract for rent.
  9. Renovating possible failures related to the usual exploitation of the real estate property.
  10. Representing the owner before the general assembly meetings of the other owners at the building.
  11. Representing the owner before all state, municipal, administrative, tax and other bodies and paying all taxes and fees due for the real estate property.
  12. Representing the owner before all utility companies (BTC, Sofiyska Voda, Toplofikacia Sofia, etc.).

All functions included in the real estate management service shall be performed after concluding a contract for management regulating the relations between Agency Bulgaria and the Lessor.

Representing the owner before the respective authorities shall happen via a certified power of attorney.

The remuneration of Agency Bulgaria shall amount to 10% of the monthly rent.